6 Facts about Senpai Naoto Hachioji “Ijiranaide, Nagatoro San”, Shy and Cowardly Man

Senpai Naoto Hachioji is the main male character in the anime Ijiranaide, Nagatoro San. He was a very shy and cowardly man even to women.

If you look at his appearance, Senpai is a Normal High School Student who is very good at painting or drawing. He also created a Manga describing his “Hope” to be a very brave man. But it’s all just “Hope” because in practice he can’t imitate the characters in his manga.

Senpai Naoto Hachioji Facts

Senpai’s Shy and Cowardly Personality

Senpai is very closed, shy, cowardly, and prefers not to interact with anyone. He seemed to shy away from all the temptations and oppressions that led to him. Despite his many “oppressed” lives, Senpai never cried. He was only seen crying after being in Goda By Nagatoro.

Senpai Defense Mechanism

Senpai is a victim of oppression, he is seen often toyed with by all his friends. Therefore, Senpai created a Defense mechanism that makes him have to continue to be calm and not care about anything. That way, He can “Forget” all those who have oppressed him.

Always Nervous in The Presence of Women

His shy attitude affects the association in daily life. Senpai looks always nervous when near women. All of that is seen with the redness of his face and his increasingly uncontrollable behavior.

Firm and Kind

Although Senpai is a very shy and cowardly person. Yet he has a good and firm side in him. All of that is seen when senpai protects Nagatoro from other men who tease him. Also, Senpai often helps Nagatoro in his activities and protects him from “oppression” that may lead to Nagatoro.

Artist – Manga Maker

Senpai has an extraordinary talent, he is very good at writing and drawing Manga. All of that was seen when the manga images he worked on appeared in Episode 1. His talent allows senpai to become a famous writer or mangaka one day.

Another Reason Senpai is always “Alone”

Senpai has Social “Anxiety”, the feeling makes him always restless when in a crowded environment. It can be said that “Crowd” is his main enemy, all as a result of the oppression he receives from people. It is known that Senpai has no friends other than Nagatoro. He only spends time playing games and drawing manga.

The fact of Senpai Naoto Hachioji in Ijiranaide anime, Nagatoro San may not be fully visible yet. But if reading the story from episode 1, then it can be concluded that Senpai has the above facts. At least this writing is in the opinion of the author. If something is wrong, can be conveyed in the comments field well…


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