Overlord Season 4 : Release Date, Plot and Latest Movie

Anime Overlord season 4 has finally been officially announced, along with one more new Overlord film project! Curious about the full story? Find the answer here!

Overlord Season 4 Release Date

As is known, Overlord season 3 premiered on July 11, 2018, and after 13 episodes, with the final episode airing on October 2, 2018.

After the epic battle between Gazef and Ainz, of course, The Overlord fans are eager to know how the Overlord story goes.

At the AnimagiC 2019 event held in Germany, screenwriter Yukie Sugawara stated that a fourth season was most likely present.

This fact finally became a reality, where Overlord season 4 has been officially announced.

In addition, the light novel series on which “Overlord” is based remains very popular in Japan. Volume 14 of the series ranked third in light novel sales for the first half of 2020, for example, behind only the hugely popular demon slayer series. Given that “Overlord” is very popular in light novel format, it follows that the new season of anime can still achieve the same level of success. That said, given the recent radio silence, Season 4 may be released before early 2022.

Overlord Season 4 Updates

1. Complete two projects!

In a marathon live broadcast of the Overlord series held today via Niconico, the show announced that its fourth season as well as a new anime film project that will include the holy kingdom plot has been given the green light!

The voice actors starring in the main characters will return, and director Naoyuki Itou will also return to direct the series alongside script director Yukie Sugawara and studio Madhouse!

2. It’s over!

Writer Kugane Maruyama started the Overlord series as a web novel in 2010 until it was finally published by Enterbrain with illustrations by so-bin in 2012. The first season of the anime itself aired in July 2015!

Maruyama himself has confirmed through the release of the 14th volume of the novel on March 12, that this series will officially finish on the 17th volume!

3. The movie follows!

Although the show has yet to announce the anime’s voice cast and staff, Satoshi Hino (Ains), Yumi Hara (Albedo), and Sumire Uesaka (Shalltear) announced the project while sharing messages from the anime director and the script supervisor!

In connection with his latest season, his novel illustrator so-bin says that the 10th volume of his novel – which he loves so much – is finally animated. Itou also added that the staff is also working hard for this latest anime project!

Plot Overlord Season 4: What Will Happen?

In season 3, we know that the main character, Ainz Ooal Gown. (That’s also the name of the guild where Momonga is the guild master.)

The search for information on how things are in the world or how skills are used takes them to many places.

Finally, he faces, Gazef Stronoff, in a war against the kingdom.

Ainz uses a time-stopping spell, Ainz kills his enemies and as a result, gains control of the city of E-Rantel.

Interestingly, after this war, Ainz was crowned Sorcerer King and established his own kingdom in E-Rantel.

So what’s the story in Season 4?

The ending of season 3 of Overlord is part of the novel volume 9, this means that season 4 will show scenes starting from volume 10.

What do you think about the inauguration of anime Overlord season 4? Share your opinion on the series through the comments section below, yes!


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