Sayu Ogiwara : Photo Wallpapers, Biographies and 5 Facts

Sayu Ogiwara is an Escape Girl who survives alone. Currently, Sayu is in Tokyo, he continues to live from house to house to ride “sleep”.

Sayu Ogiwara is a very beautiful and sweet young girl. He has brown hair with a uniform that he always uses. Sayu is a high school girl who has a mature body, her life is very hard making her have to fight hard to survive.

Biography Information

Sayu Ogiwara Wallpaper Anime


Name (Japanese): 荻原 沙優
Name (Romanized): Ogiwara Sayu
Alias: Miyuki (みゆき)
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Medium Brown
Eye Color: Hazel
Residence: Asahikawa, Hokkaido, Japan
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: High School Student, Convenience Store Clerk
Affiliation: Ogiwara Family, Asahikawa Dairoku High School

Source: Higehiro Fandom

Sayu Ogiwara Wallpaper

Sayu Ogiwara Wallpaper Anime

Sayu Ogiwara Wallpaper Anime

Sayu Ogiwara Wallpaper Anime

Sayu Ogiwara Wallpaper Anime

Sayu Ogiwara Wallpaper Anime

Sayu Ogiwara Wallpaper Anime

Sayu Ogiwara Wallpaper Anime

Sayu Ogiwara Wallpaper Anime

Sayu Ogiwara “Higehiro” Facts

Sayu Higehiro

She is the Female Lead in Anime Hige wo Soru Soshite Joshikousei wo Hirou (Higehiro). He was originally from Hokkaido and fled to Tokyo.

1. Comes from a Wealthy Family (Respected)

Sayu has a very respected family. His family is a prominent family in the Asahikawa area of Hokkaido. Kaka Laki is a very famous food CEO and of course very rich.

2. Sayu’s Past

Sayu escapes from his native Hokkaido. All of that must have a very “Big” reason, Sayu is a victim of bullying and exile from his own family. Many say that he is always compared to his brother who is a famous CEO. In addition, he also became a victim of bullying in his school.

The highlight of his bleak life was when he saw his close friend die before him. Sayu experienced very deep stress as well as the allegations that led to him. For this reason, Sayu goes and continues his life by risking his “Body”.

Theories from fans

3. Being a “Teaser” Girl For 6 Months

After escaping without enough supplies. Sayu uses his body to transact and get a place to stay for 6 months with different men. His determination is very strong, even he dares to do the “Big” thing in order to survive. At first, Sayu felt pain, but because of the “fortitude” of the heart and himself who felt “Needed” then his journey continued.

4. The Emptiness of the Heart ??

Sayu has an empty feeling. From his home region, he had no one who understood him. Then the only friend he had died before his own eyes. Perhaps for that reason, Sayu became such a bad girl. But all that changed after Sayu met with Yoshida.

5. Escape from Everything

Sayu will do anything to escape everything he faces. Sayu just thought about running and living “Easy”. However, all these views changed after he met With Yoshida and Airi. Sayu becomes bolder to accept the reality he faces.

Sayu misses someone who can “scold” or tell him to shut up for a moment. Then he also hopes to find someone who can sincerely accept it. Well, all that he got after meeting with Yoshida and Airi.


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