Stunning Teaser, Komi Can’t Communicate Anime Coming Soon!

After becoming a rumor, the manga Komi Can’t Communicate was finally officially adapted into an anime series. On Tuesday (11/1), the official website for the anime adaptation production team of Komi-san wa Komyushou Desu or Komi Can’t Communicate has been opened and has uploaded its first.

The first poster and trailer has been released

Along with the opening of the official website, the anime production Komi-san has also released its first poster and a new trailer showing Komi-san’s daily life together with her friends. The following is the teaser trailer for the anime series Komi Can’t Communicate.

Voters who will be involved in Komi Can’t Communicate

In addition to releasing teaser trailers and posters, the production team for the anime adaptation, Komi Can’t Communicate, has announced that the voice actors for the series have been announced. Voiced by Aoi Koga will be voicing the main character in the series, Shouko Komi. Meanwhile, Gakuto Kajiwara will voice Hitohito Tadano and the character Najimi Osana will be voiced by Rie Murakawa.

Until this news was released, there was no more complete information regarding other voice actors who will join the production of the anime series Komi Can’t CommunicateBut this information corroborates the rumors that we have been reporting before.

OLM Studio will work on it

anime comi difficult to communicate can't communicate
Poster adaptation of Komi Can’t Communicate | PHOTOS: OLM studio

The series, also known in Indonesia as Komi Difficult to Communicate, was directed by Kazuki Kawagoe and produced at the OLM studio. The director of the anime film Children of the Sea, Ayumu Watanabe, is the chief animation director for the series.

Some of the other staff involved in the adaptation of Komi Can’t Communicate are Deko Akao as the staff who handles composition and Atsuko Nakajima as the character designer. The anime program Komi Can’t Communicate is planned to premiere in October 2021 on the Tokyo TV channel.


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